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Livrée à la misère, une bande de gamins erre dans les rues de São Paulo, multipliant les petits larcins. Jusqu'au jour où la police débarque pour effectuer une grande rafle et emmène les jeunes vers des centres de redressement. Pixote est l'un de ces enfants. La première nuit de son séjour, marquée par le viol d'un de ses camarades d'infortune, constitue le début d'une longue suite de brimades. Chaque jour apporte son lot de violence et de cruauté, la direction du centre n'étant pas la dernière à se salir les mains…

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@.Have seen this Brutal & Fascinating Film complete...That Film shows the very hard life of younger Boys who everyone wanted just overlive...what sometimes mean to fight against all odds = against everyone & everything always hoping to win a little bite more at the end...But the end for too many come much too early and sometimes it feel like that their death have been the Best in their lifes...because they donot get a real chance for staying & stand their lifes...BUT iS LiFE NOT jUST FOR LiViNG & catching a little part of Luck (L*O*V*E) what EVERYONE iS EARNiNG FOR ?!? Because WE ALL ARE CHiLDREN OF GOD what ever `he´is named in the different religions !!... AND THiS iS FOR ALL WHO OVERPOWERED (misusing) OTHER:
in the same way you have done & you do & will do = you get the same(!) & much harder Back for that you know
how it feels...AND FOR THE MiSUSED (me too...):say just YES also to that very bad Life-Experience & FORGiVE your personal Sadists & NEVER GiVE YOU UP!!LiFE=YOU@
Par Bernd-Bjorn Stromzek il y a 2 ans
OMFG! Awesome! .. ..i feel lonely though.. ..
Par flowergirl1582 il y a 3 ans
bellissimo film...
Par building81 il y a 5 ans

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