when the moors ruled in europe

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English historian Bettany Hughes presents the second of a fascinating two-part series on the contribution the Muslims made to modern Europe during their 700-year reign in Spain, which ended with the Spanish Inquisition in the 14th century.

Hughes continues to unfurl the stunning Spanish travelogue of Part One of When the Moors Ruled in Europe, as she reveals the compelling history of the rise and fall of Islam in the West.

Al Andalus, as the Islamist Moors called their Spanish settlement, was the centre of massive intellectual and cultural revolution and many modern practices in mathematics, architecture and chemistry stem from knowledge developed there.
And along the way, Hughes reveals some surprises in the complicated and messy relationship between Islamic and Catholic Spain, shedding some shocking new light on the brutal Holy War between the two.
Compare this to what's happening now in the Muslim world. The part about how mercenaries where behind what was falsely written down in history as a war between two religions is chilling considering how the war on terrorism is being spun.

The parallels between modern-day democracies and the Inquisition as well as the ethnic cleansing of Granada by Isabelle and Ferdinand are really stunning.
The Moors are the Muslim African and Berber inhabitants of the western Mediterranean and western Sahara, including the Maghreb (the coastal and mountain lands of present day Morocco and Algeria, and Tunisia although Tunisia often is separately called Ifriqiya after the former Roman province of Africa); al-Andalus (the former Islamic sovereign areas now the region of Andalucia in southern Spain, as well as central Spain and Portugal); lands of the Sahara western to central (Mauritania and Mali, southern Morocco and Algeria, parts of Niger, Chad, and Libya); and, the strait cities of Gibraltar, and Ceuta and Melilla; as well as perhaps the Canary Islands and Sicily.


Moors was berber not arabs :D
By David Cohen 5 years ago
et c'est quoi cette histoire avec l'italie ? c'etait la sicile et les italiens en encore une fois les francs et surtout les normands avaient envahis cette ile pour la reprendre pfff
By Cedric Buisson 6 years ago
wilderslepede -> les maures étaient uniquement en espagne ils ont tenté de venir envahir le rauyaume Franc me se sont pris une misère par Charles Martel appelé arpès cela le Marteau de Dieu d'ou "Martel" pendant plus d'un an il les a massacré sans oublié quand espagne il y avait toujours les rois chretiens qui combattaient les maures et aussi des francs... autre chose en europe de l'est il s'agissait des turcs pas des maures et ils se sont pris une bouffée par les hongrois autrichien et roumains... va apprende ta propre histoire et on en reparle ok ?
By Cedric Buisson 6 years ago
maybe in one day this city will back for all muslimin inchaa allah
By Nisreen 6 years ago
Yes europe !!
South france (marseille, lyon, nice, st tropez, carcassonne, perpignan, ect...) and Italy (and grece and magyar and bulgaria, and serbia, and albania...many centuries ago !!!!
Oh yes i'm foll thinking that's Europe !! Only north country like scotland, denmark and perhaps germany are europe !!!
By wilders-le-pede 7 years ago
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