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    Resident Evil 4 Wii Part 71


    by DigitalFlareon

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    The final part: dash on the jet ski!

    My Opinion On Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition: A very good game, worth buying even if you have the GC or PS2 versions. RE4 is not a bad way to jump into the horror genre of games, as some of the enemies are quite intimidating, but the game itself isn't scary as it is fun to play for the insane intensity of the battles. It is one of my favorite games, and the Mercenaries minigame is a suitable method to relieve stress. Aiming in the Wii version is much easier than in its last gen counterparts. If you had trouble with Mercenaries/Assignment Ada/Shooting Gallery/Separate Ways on the last gen versions, then after mastering the Wii version's controls it will be a breeze. The Wii version has all the extras that the PS2 version has. So if you didn't get the PS2 version and you have a Wii, then RE4Wii is a great way to go.

    I did die during the game a couple of times. Most are edited out with my l33t video editing skillz. (xD) Parts where I almost forgot some items were also edited out.