WCW Ultimate Cruisers

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This vid is made by 1 guy in youtube.


i agree with lollottaja
and WCW did some really weird gimmiks like; shockmaster, glacier, mortis etc.
By gingerinferno 7 years ago
Well, i don't think that WCW was that good. In my opinion, WWF was always better than WCW. They had great cruiserweight division (Like we see in this video) & etc., but main event was totally shit, and nowadays TNA seems to have same problem, WCW signed former WWF guys like Hogan, Nash, Hall & Savage and made them champions even they had great talent in their roster. The only good moment in WCW was when Megadeth performed Crush 'Em in Nitro! BTW that song sucks but Megadeth is Megadeth ;)
By Lollottaja 7 years ago
wcw DID rule
By gingerinferno 7 years ago
Thanks, Amazing Clip !
By Ratahina Antonin 7 years ago