Chaka Khan - Angel (studio live)


by kurb35

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Retour d'une des grandes divas du funk et de la soul des 70's 80's avec cette splendide chanson : "Angel" .

New Album coming soon " Funk This " .


Magique et nostalique.
By Val 5 years ago
Chaka Khan's self penned "Angel" has again proven her staying power in today's ever changing, fast paced music industry.

Her rendition of this sultry introspective piece allows her to 'ground off' with the rest of us revealing that she too is only human, ..."talkin to you angel, deep inside of me..." The string (violins) accompaniment sets a near perfect backdrop as they 'cry out' in this emotionally charged song. The 'soulfulness' is embodied by the constant tinkling of the pianoforte... the heartbeat of the song. Chaka effortlessly tackles multi-octaves and adds dimension with her raspiness in phrases such as... "Needy little baby, hiding deep inside... ,, ,, ,, open up your eyes ... don't you be afraid to feel..."

Listen to this song again see if your can 'hear' all that I've just described. This is vintage material.

P.S. I'm no music critic but this number sure brought out those qualties
Trinidad and Tobago
By one_eyebrow 6 years ago
Lovely song! Thanx for putting this up!
By candyrayne 7 years ago
grand merci pour ce bon morceau! DIVA= Chaka Khan
By goebels99 8 years ago
I love this song and video. Chaka has made her mark on music history again!
By queendrama 8 years ago
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