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    Mobb Deep - Cobra


    by blockustomz

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    Rich Mundo
    I'm feeling quiet reptillian, NOt that Im a snake, But My insides dont feel fake, This from Days In N. Carolina to crossing over with those Demon Deacons, To Coming down in Atlanta and saying yeeeeeaaaaaah, Listen too so much b S my Eardrums got my mind thinking Redrum, Shoulda been on Murda Muzik, My Storm Loud, Cause They hear the Thunder from My Burner, KEep That Guava in the Stomach, Keep That Butter on the Burner, Watch it Melt into Liquid Dreams, of A Smoker or Shooter, Do you like Hallelujah after the Sermon, I dont KNow EPMD or Boston, But I know Paul Pierce Survived, SO he can ride with me, Cuz dudes stabbed me like He, Im Like Etu Everybody, Now Everybody Can get it wheter Midget or dude standing on 8 digits, Even if the brought Dead Rappers Back, I would still be disrespectful, Like Im In Killer Mode, Thats official, These dudes burying holes, but they planting Seeds, Im Sosa, I give the order... I Told U A Long Time Ago, Not to ______________________________________________
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago