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    NS #204 with a P5 Horn

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

    Here we are Railfans, Last week of summer, which also means it is the last day of my series called "Get Out & Railfan Summer". In which I'll call that title for next summer. As we go into Fall next week, I'll come up with a title this weekend and anounnce it next week.
    Now something you don't see too ofyen with #204. Fmr. Conrail sandwiched in between 2 catfish
    with IDs that are like sister units & also both those catfish have their E-Bells going!
    NS #9816, (Fmr. Conrail) #6752 & #9817 with this week's #204 Intermodal Show with conductor Reggie onboard. Like I just said both those catfish, the lead and rear both have their Electronic bells going. It has happened to me a few times. Notice the antenna in the left part of the clip, I was adding a Little Scanner Peep from Rachel who is the Charlotte Girl taking Junior's place today.
    And also his horn is definately a P5, maybe because the K5LA was Out of Stock because this unit went into service.