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    Jeffrey Lewis Helen Schreiner 12 Crass Songs Live NYC pt. 2

    Thelma Thelma Blitz

    by Thelma Thelma Blitz


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    hey i was at this show! i was sitting like right behind whoever filmed this, next to the sound desk. i was also at the sidewalk show he did about a week before. are you the same person who filmed jeff's show at cake shop earlier in june as well? if so, i was right behind you at that show as well. weird.
    i totally remember though when jeff sings 'the cup overfloweth with piss' or whatever at the end of 'i ain't think', i found it hilarious that, by complete chance, the video on the screen was a japanese kid drinking some kind of yellow liquid from a cup. just goes to prove that dark side of the moon/wizard of oz type of shit is easy to find.
    By m_coldham8 years ago