"I Like a Boy" featuring Leah, Mims, Obama Girl...

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Obama Girl is back! IAVA.org and BarelyPolitical.com present: "I Like a Boy". A salute to U.S. Troops who serve overseas and at home...and the people who love them.

The song can be purchased at BarelyPolitical.com/music --all proceeds benefit Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (www.IAVA.org)

Created by: Ben Relles

Directed by: Kevin Arbouet and Larry Strong

Vocals by: Leah Kauffman

Cameo by: Mims

Music produced by: Rick Friedrich

Starring: Amber Lee Ettinger as Obama Girl
Amina Sade and Sena Khoda as the Obama Girls
Rebecca Dipietro, Dani Gross and Kristina Adelina as the Giuliani Girls
Carrie, Chrsitine and Carolyn Ditmar as the Romney Girls
Members of the US Military (as themselves)

Special thanks to all the wives, girlfirends and friends of U.S. Troops who appeared in the video... THANK YOU!

For more info: www.barelypolitical.com


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By John Doe February
man, i have 5 brothers and sister. we live in north forida. went to middle school, high school, college. i served in iraq for 14 months. we had limited food choices, the temperature was 130 deg for days, some nights i slept four hours, there was no one from home there to visit or see. We set up schools, raided weapons caches, taught the locals how to clean up their city and maintain generators, and taught their police how to actually be police.

when i came back home, i saw my brothers and sisters and was glad to be back, but I felt alone. this video brought some tears to my eyes, because it makes me feel like somebody cares. thanks for taking the time and energy to make it. it means a lot.
By ifwhowhatwhat 4 years ago
c ma meilleur amie dans le clip! et ceux qui n'aime pas les usa rentrez chezzzz VOUS wtf
By Ophélie Kelly 5 years ago
Is Obama girl white or black I'm not quite sure?
By shaka zulu 5 years ago
trahreg, ce n'est pas de l'anti-américanisme primaire (expression d'ailleurs un peu perimée, même il y a 7 mois quand tu as posté ton comment'...)
Oui oui ces braves Américains, qu'est-ce qu'on aurait fait sans eux?! Faut pas oublier non plus que si la France n'était pas intervenue, ils n'auraient pas obtenu leur indépendance et gagné le combat qui les opposait à la GB... Preuve que si on commence à parler histoire, ça part en sucette et on comprend plus rien... Donc laissons les Allemands là où ils sont, au moins eux ils ont compris ce que le mot FRONTIERE veut dire. La politique américaine ne tient aucun compte de la souveraineté nationale. Sous prétexte qu'ils sont les Bons, ils ont le droit d'intervenir...
Si ils sont si bons que ça, ils ont qu'à envoyer leurs troupes au Myanmar ou au Tibet pour arranger un peu les choses. Ah mais jsuis con... zont pas de pétrole ces asiat'!
By Angi_86 6 years ago
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