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    "I Like a Boy" featuring Leah, Mims, Obama Girl...

    Barely Political

    by Barely Political

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    Obama Girl is back! and present: "I Like a Boy". A salute to U.S. Troops who serve overseas and at home...and the people who love them.

    The song can be purchased at --all proceeds benefit Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (

    Created by: Ben Relles

    Directed by: Kevin Arbouet and Larry Strong

    Vocals by: Leah Kauffman

    Cameo by: Mims

    Music produced by: Rick Friedrich

    Starring: Amber Lee Ettinger as Obama Girl
    Amina Sade and Sena Khoda as the Obama Girls
    Rebecca Dipietro, Dani Gross and Kristina Adelina as the Giuliani Girls
    Carrie, Chrsitine and Carolyn Ditmar as the Romney Girls
    Members of the US Military (as themselves)

    Special thanks to all the wives, girlfirends and friends of U.S. Troops who appeared in the video... THANK YOU!

    For more info: