Naruto amv - Itachi BETA!!!

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my first amv (clip)

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whats the name of this song its awsome pllllllllz tells me
Przez SweeneyTood666 6 lat temu
nice amv. what's the name of this song ?
Przez Ryuuzaki 6 lat temu
you cann use vegas for remove the subtitle
Przez Rayl-nayl 6 lat temu
And with which "effet" did you the movements on the sides ? You know, when it's move at the right, at the top, at the left and at the bottom many times ! Like when we see the eyes of Sasuke and Naruto in animes before they used chidori and rasengan ! ;) (Sorry if you don't understand anything I'm french and I'm not perfect in English... :p
Przez Santo-Paulio 7 lat temu
Przez Gosia,Małgoha,Goha 7 lat temu

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