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    Young African Patient thanks Indian Hospital for saving life


    by whosp

    Visit - Ms. Amaogechukwu Ogi a resident of UK was suffering from a very serious and complex Mitral valve condition. She dis her research and chose Wockhardt Heart Hospital at Bangalore for her surgery. This hospital has set many a global benchmarks including performing the first coronary bypass surgery along with an aortic valve replacement without using general anaesthesia or ventilator support while the patient was on a heart lung machine.The technique of high thoracic epidural analgesia is a highly precision based methodology which involves injection of micro doses of local anaesthetic in the epidural space around the spinal cord which anaesthetises only the chest region while the rest of the system is fully awake.

    In this film Ms Ogi talks about her positive experience of getting this complex surgery done at Wockhardt Heart Hospital in Bangalore, which saved her life. India is now a preferred destination for cardiac patients not only in India but also from all over the US, UK, Canada, Middle East and Africas. It is also a teaching center for clinicians from the sub-continent. For more details visit />
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