Advertising Console - intro to job referral marketplace


    by Kevlitz

    Learn how to set up your profile on and begin tuglinking with other members. can help you get a new job (Candidates), earn bonuses for referring qualified candidates to your employer (Insiders), or find new employees for your company (Employers). is an online peer-to-peer job search community where members help each other land interviews for desired jobs. Thus, a job-seeker can find his/her dream job on an online job board or corporate web site, post it on, "name the price" (i.e. announce a referral bonus for company insiders), interview for the job, and get hired for it.

    The web site is open to anyone anywhere in the world. You don't need an invitation to be able to register as Candidate, Insider, or Employer. However, if you would like to get a few Rewards* points, you can use this Invitation# 8NEOVCZ7K7 when registering as a member.

    *Rewards points can be used by members to pay for TugLink premium services, can be cashed in or donated to one of the selected charity and humanitarian organizations.