Joe Zawinul In Memoriam


par Delta_Mike

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Career highlights from an Austrian TV special, including a brilliant duet with fellow Viennese pianist extraordinaire Friedrich Gulda and, of course, his mega hit Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.

5 commentaires

A regarder jusqu' à la fiiiiiiiiiiiiiin !
See you Joe !
Par Geneviève CHARLES Il y a 6 ans
r.i.p joe.forever
Par leangroove Il y a 7 ans
RIP Joe.
Par Hervé Il y a 7 ans
Thank you to show this.. do you have the complete video? Thank you Joe, for all. I miss you. R I P. Romain
Par Romain Labaye Il y a 7 ans
A great man and musician. I think that few have so much demonstrated what does it mean to be a citizen of the world, a man of peace and what wonderful fruits are generated from this approach to life. Thank you Joe.
Par 4LFO Il y a 8 ans