20070916 Lee Seung Gi @MBCSundaySundayNight cut1/3 MUSTWATCH

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"Hidden Camera" part. at the opening u can see they're preparing everything for the prank. lolzzzz they played prank with Seung Gi and he was so honest to fall in trap easily!!! and they hide a camera to record all his actions but he didnt know that. so you can see his real person as well. it was slight rain, everything was so dirty and i'm sure you'll half feel poor for him lots, but half want to see him got prank more n more. coz its was so so funny n adorable Seung Gi xD he's so cute, funny and dorky!!! but very charming lolz i love his person in real! =]

cut by me. anyone who's able or gets interested in making subtitles for this, please contact me. translators are strongly needed. pls give one hand to let ppl knows more about him, coz he deserves that!

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