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Hulk Hogan vs. Triple-H-WWE Title


by Stinger1981

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Triple-H defends the WWE title against Hulk Hogan, WWE Backlash 2002 (part 2)


Triple H deserves immense amount of credit for his willingness to lay down to Hogan. Yes the Taker helped along but this must have been one of the hardest things HHH has ever had to do. I actually think all that shaking afterwards was not him acting. I have never seen him get like that and I've watched him in WWF/WWE since the first day he debuted. His look as he left the ring to me proves that he was not acting. He put aside his ego to give Hogan one last moment of glory. I never respected him more then I did at the end of this match. He so did it for the fans, for the history books. Shows he is a classier act than anyone has ever given him credit for. HHH lost the match but cemented himself as the ultimate superface until the day he retires, at least in my eyes.
By bigdbc 5 years ago
match de legende triple hhh the best
By adel18 6 years ago
parsqu'il est pas aussi traitre que undertaker avant ! lol la tete qu'il avait jericho avant
By Jason Voorhees 6 years ago
il est con hogan? pourkoi il a taper l'undertaker
By G 6 years ago
stinger1981, your right, and it was eddie vs rvd at this ppv. my bad.
By Matt 7 years ago
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