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    PKD Robot Mystery Deepens

    Benjamin Robertson

    by Benjamin Robertson

    In the latest article, Isa doesn't like the 'bot. She claims it was lost on a flight to Santa Ana Airport in OC.

    The Tribune article published several months (years?) prior states that Dr. Hanson lost the head on a flight from Dallas to San Fran when his flight had to (unexpectedly to him) disconnect in Vegas. He took another connecting flight to San Fran from there ... The Times article refers to "an unnamed airline" when the original Tribune article clearly states the airline in question to be AMERICAN WEST. However there is mystery surrounding whether or not each of the planes were contiguous brandwise.

    Las Vegas is like Mos Eisley Spaceport. A wretched hive of scum and villainy. I wouldn't put it past a group of rogue android conspirators working in tandem with someone ... enough speculation. We need to hit this with Occam's Razor. American West stated in contact with Dr. Hanson that THEY HAD the head and were sending it on the next flight from Vegas to S.F.

    It never arrived.

    The saga continues ... WHERE is the head and should it even be our business?

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