Injun trouble (1969) commentary


by MatthewHunter

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Bill Lava's "injun" music kinda sounds like the music he scored for Wile E. Coyote's rain dance from Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner.
By tsntana 6 years ago
I noticed this cartoon here on Could you please post a copy without the commentary.

By tesafer 6 years ago
do you think you can upload this without a commentary?
By springofpiesucks 6 years ago
where did you ever find this? i need to see this cartoon!!
By springofpiesucks 6 years ago
I believe that this is my favorite Cool Cat short. And even though the puns and gags have always been the norm for WB, I like how here this is one of the few WB shorts that makes references to their usual trademarks (I guess one could call them) and emphasizes them primarily, making them the main focal point over the plot of what else takes place. I find it very interesting for that reason and it's the perfect, suitable way to kick off the grand finale of the classic era-WB shorts. Although the same could've been done with any other race and it still would be great anyway. I can't wait for this to come to DVD and wish that it has already.
By DaVon Walker 6 years ago
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