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    11 septembre 2001 world trade center tour 1

    Witness 911

    par Witness 911

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    c'est juste un oiseau
    Par chiwi28Il y a 7 ans
    Par PArisPSIl y a 7 ans
    Robert Grassi
    no one ever jumped from the wtc towers on 9/11, they were empty at the time of the demolition, the interviews of the supposed families of the supposed victims are all faked, all images of planes, jumps, balls of fire, crowd panic, rescue, etc. are designed and modified with video animation and enacted by the participants as a standard fire (catastrophy) drill in a propaganda demonstration, religious groups (finishing their videos by a salute to the flag, the victims, the angels (!!??)) try to attract members by uncovering only a part of the reality (they call it « the truth »)
    Par Robert GrassiIl y a 7 ans
    Jean Mouldeux
    en effet on voit quelque chose en faisant pause à 0.44"...etrange
    Par Jean MouldeuxIl y a 8 ans
    y a quoi a droite comme tu dit ??
    Par revoltedjIl y a 8 ans