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    Alien Voice in NASA's Saturn downloads!

    Andy Bell

    by Andy Bell

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    Alvar Koëntieskauteit
    I'm spanish and i heard "y si una bola caliente" that means "if a hot ball..."
    Andy Bell
    Could any other languages be in this radio signal?
    Would a French person like to try this and let me know what they hear?
    By Andy Bell8 years ago
    Andy Bell
    I hear "You humans are not regarded as important" Here is an e-mail I have just received from Germany:-

    hi there,

    to be honest. first i really thought the video is a bad joke. than i tried the domain (NEVER EXPECTING THE SAMPLE TO COME UP)... and filtered a bit with audacity-soundsoftware.

    it sounds stupit but i hear some german. this is no joke of mine friend! i hear:

    "erdlinge, eure planeten werden ... " than its too much noisy sound around to understand more. translation: "earthlings - your planets will become ..."

    maybe i am stupid, ... do you hear this to?

    kind regards from berlin

    By Andy Bell8 years ago