D-War - Trailer

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Director: Hyung-rae Shim

Starring: Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks, Robert Forster, Aimee Garcia, Craig Robinson

Plot Summary: In a small Korean village, five hundred years ago, a girl named Narin was born carrying the coveted Yeouijoo inside her. The Heavens sent the protector Bochun and his protégé Haram, to ensure that when it came time, Narin was peacefully sacrificed to the pre-determined Good Imoogi. Bochun vigorously trained Haram as a knight, to be prepared for the eventual day when Narin would be delivered to the Good Imoogi. The day the Dark Imoogi, Buraki, and his army destroyed Narin's village looking for the Yeouijoo, Bochun instructed Haram to take her to the Good Imoogi.

It is now five hundred years later in present day Los Angeles and the quest for the Imoogi is reborn.

2 commentaires

J'ai découvert par hasard ce film en tombant sur le DVD dans un magasin il y a quelques jours, et je dois dire que j'ai bien aimé ^^
Par Marc Banzet il y a 7 ans
wow ca a l'air pas mal et original !!