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    Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2 camcorder review

    Nicolas Charbonnier

    by Nicolas Charbonnier

    In this 17 minute HD video, I review the Sanyo HD2 camcorder, which is the latest Mpeg4 H263 1280×720 6-9mbit/s camcorder from Sanyo, which was released globally within the last six months. Sanyo has announce the H264 1080i/720p60/720p30 successor called the HD1000 which I have shown in another interview with a representative at Sanyo Fisher Sales booth at IFA 2007 last week. Will Sanyo definately move away from encoding Mpeg4 H263 to exclusively encoding H264 in all of its future HD camcorders? That is to be seen. One of the specific useful features of the HD2, is that it records in the standard Mpeg4 format, which is recognizable by common editing and encoding software and thus might be a little easier to manage, also being easier to simply playback on any normal computer, the encoding algorithm also being easier for a CPU to decode. So my overall suggestion, although the HD1000 brings better optics, better low light recording, better resolution, better framerates and new features, the HD2 still stays a good camera, and which I recommend especially if you can find it at a sensibly lower price than the HD1000, for example at possibly 400-500€ within the next few months, it would be a good value for such very practical 720p Mpeg4 camcorder. This video was released in HD at

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