Gotthard- I wonder

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06/09 2007

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I'm running out of love
I'm loosing ground
There's emptiness inside
I'm on my way down
And here I walk alone
With no destination, or places to go

You're always on my mind
No wonder why
We had the best of times
Oh, I can't deny
But something fell apart,
I know how it feels now
When two worlds collide

Now I can't believe you're gone tonight
When I should be holding you so tight
I can't believe and I wonder
(I wonder)
I wonder
(I wonder)
Where we're going
Love don't live here anymore
Anymore, anymore

Now, when I close my eyes
Pictures of you
Will never hold me back
From what I must do
Ain't gonna waste my time
Thinking 'bout all the pain
You put me through
By nadenceto 7 years ago