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    Transformers Bastardized

    Alexander Harrington

    by Alexander Harrington

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    Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Rock...!

    Transformers Bastardized
    By Psyguy

    [ Voice Talent ]

    Lab Helper: Trunks
    Old Robot: Trunks
    Ship flying away: SeiferA.
    Announcer: Sean W.
    Lazerbeer: Psyguy
    Optimus Prime: Kyle Hebert
    ( Thanks dude! )
    Ironhide: Eddsworld
    Jazz: Kirbopher
    ( Look I remembered you this time! )
    Cliffjumper: Chris Zito
    Smumblebee: Psyguy
    Bike: Mankey
    Shockwave: Dillon
    Megatron: Kirbopher
    Starscream: Psyguy
    Brawn: Psyguy
    Prowl: Psyguy
    Scrapper: Psyguy
    ( Yes I'm every transformer. Ever. Only because they had - like - a line and then died. )

    [ Music ]

    "Theme of Super Metroid" - Nintendo
    "Zero Wing" - Toaplan
    "Battle Theme from Pokémon Gold" - Nintendo
    "Transformers theme" - Vince DiCola
    "Ducktales NES Moon" - Disney
    "What's this?" - Danny Elfman
    "Benny Hill Theme" - Benny Hill
    "Stardust Speedway (past)" - Sega
    "Jingle Bell Rock" - Bobby Helms
    "Gemini man" - Capcom
    "Rockin' around the christmas tree" - Brenda Lee
    "Push it to the limit" - Paul Engemann
    "Mario Paint: BGM 1" - Nintendo
    "The Touch" - Stan Bush

    [ Extra ]

    "Gutsman's ass" is by Kajetokun

    Transformers is property of Hasbro

    [ P.S. ]

    No I don't plan on stopping Sonic Bastardized.