Shania In Flameworthy Awards 2004

Rodrigo Ortiz
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Shania inrtoducing Dolly Parton

3 comentarios

What a shame you've only got her introduction... Does anyone have the actual clip of Dolly singing? And don't bother eading the French comment. It's just oneof those hatemail letters.
Por fakefrenchboy hace 7 años
Hi, I am sorry, I can't unserstand what you say.Could you write it in english, please? 'cause I would like to understand what you said.Greetings!!:)
Por Rodrigo Ortiz hace 7 años
n soir j'ai vue un esprie . il ma dit " tu vas mourir " est il a disparue . maintenant que vous avez lu sa vous aller mourir dans 3 jours exactement sauf si vous mettez sa sur 50 video
Por max171717 hace 7 años