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    In The Beginning There Was The WORD


    by sailorptah

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    this is still one of my favorite fanvids :D
    By sweetvisions7 years ago
    I didn't think so- I mean I figured if that actually happened, there would be a lot more icons of it... :) Although now I'm even more in awe of your tech skillz.
    By Erin8 years ago
    @noboxoffice: In the series, the Word has never been "Jon" (alas). The original footage is from the episode when Stephen forgot the Word (it turned out to be "Iraq"), so the space was blank. I added in the text, as a bit of foreshadowing for the people who were paying close attention ;)

    (And thanks!)
    By sailorptah8 years ago
    OMG YES! Wow I really wasn't expecting Jon- that gave me chills- the good kind of chills :D. I absolutely loved this, really good editing, especially with the greenish flashes of Jon's face...

    One question though- at about 1:23-1:25, it the Word actually "Jon"? It flashes really briefly on the screen. Or I might be crazy- not sure. Anyway, AWESOME JOB.
    By Erin8 years ago
    Jon,Stephen,and Steve are freakin' HOT!!
    Love this video&song!
    By moonpal898 years ago
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