CN #144 at Valparaiso

Chase Millsap
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This is the last train of my visit to Valparaiso, I only came up for a day and got plenty of action from 2 lines, we seen 4 on the CN and 8 on the NS Chicago Line. When I go back up sometime, I should be trackside in Chesterton between 11:00AM & 1:00PM, that's when it really gets active.
We'll be back sometime. This was filmed at the Roosevelt Rd. Crossing with LED lights.
In the meantime this is CN #144 or something who is an Intermodal/Baretable Train that runs during the 9:00PM hour. This train was under slow order according to the Dispatcher and Mechanical picking up on my scanner. CN #5674 & #2773 with this Intermodal Show who was stop a little bit ago at Sedley for maintenance issues.
That's it from Northwest Indiana, i'm glad you have enjoy all my clips.
And I will be back there again soon


Someday I will head over to that park. I would like visit Rochelle, Folkston, GA & Fostoria, OH. So yeah there will be times of when i will go out and do some big time railfanning in other places.
By Chase Millsap 7 years ago
Hey, if you ever have time to visit the rochelle railroad park, you should. 50+ UP trains a day, 40+BNSF trains a day. Also you should try visiting around ten PM when all the UP trains go at least 60 headed straight for chicago.
By UP1995 7 years ago
I got a good view of them cause' I had my Camera Light on at that time. Yeah Even never Locomotives have reflective tape on them. I appriciate you comment there Garrett.
By Chase Millsap 7 years ago
Looks like CN is up to speed on putting the reflective tape on the side of their cars. The FRA has a date set that all old and new railroad cars must have the reflective tape on them? Don't know when that is. Nice video tho!
By Garrett W. Robson 7 years ago