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    brisco ft lil wayne - in the hood [new]


    by Lvick

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    brisco feat lil wayne - in the hood
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    Hailing from Opalocka, FL, Poe Boy Entrainments Brisco, is the latest rap prodigy this independent label is set to blaze the industry with. The 24-year old intelligent, yet rugged rapper has used an assortment of past struggles and influences to mold him into the dynamic character of Brisco.

    Growing up in the Miami area, Brisco relishes his memories of the hood and only wants to give back to the community, which has molded him into the confident individual he is today. Theres nothing I want more but to give back to my community, he says. I want to be that person from my community that people can look up to. Its a positive thing. With the release of his new album Street Medicine ready to drop this year, this 16-track specimen of versatility and passion is sure to generate buzz. Briscos latest single Who You Is? has already sizzled across the South and hopes that will transcend into more anticipation for his new album.
    todays industry a lot of the music is recycled, said Brisco. Im versatile in terms of what I talk about and my message. I think people are really going to feel this album. The album was produced with the collaboration of producing generals such as Timbaland, Red Spyder, Young Hollywood and J-Rock. The work of these musical sticklers has produced some of Briscos favorite tracks like Worst Fear and Round Here: 2 featuring Freeway. Worst Fear is a title that people can relate to in terms of life and the fear that associate it. Brisco talks about the fear of death, raising his one-year old son and life in general. Working with Freeway on a track stemmed from Briscos enthusiasm as a hype man for him during an appearance in Miami. He came down here to perform and didnt have anyone stage with him, he said. So, I listened to some of his songs and memorized them. He couldnt believe that I knew his songs. I hyped him up for the crowd and he loved it. He wanted to take me on the road, but I got a job to do here.