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Often we'll see pedophile activists trying to affiliate themselves with another political or social movement in an attempt to gain more acceptance through their association.

The most obvious example of this, is NAMBLA's attempts to be part of the Gay civil rights movement, hoping that no one will be able to tell the difference between an adult grooming and coercing a child into sex and what two consenting adults get up to in their own time. But Gay civil rights isn't the only social movement pedophiles have tried to hijack...

Enter Hakim Bey AKA Peter Lamborn Wilson. Wilson is an author, who has written much surrounding Anarchist philosophy; however Wilsons Anarchist writings have a twist - just like NAMBLA tried to hijack the Gay civil rights movement, Wilson trys to use the Anarchist philosophy as a means to justify adults sexually taking advantage of children.

Some of Wilsons writings have been published in the NAMBLA Bullitin, here's part of one poem written by him titled "My Political Beliefs:"

Another one of Wilsons pedophile readers, Harold Spurling is currently in trial, facing charges for sexually abusing a three month old baby and numerous other children:

Aztram AKA Harold Spurling

Personally, I'm well beyond the point of needing to ask myself WHY boys, to me, are "the shining gems in an otherwise lustreless world." [Thanks to Hakim Bey for that exquisite line.] I don't care why.

Aztram AKA Harold Spurling

He's my fave, too. Especially, shall we say, his "non-standard" poetry. Maybe that comes off as redundant.
There is an American anarchist named Peter Lamborn Wilson, who uses the pseudonym Hakim Bey for some of his writings. He is best known as the author of TAZ: The Temporary Autonomous Zone. I have never considered his work to be serious anarchist thought, but many others take a different view, and his work is available in at least a dozen languages. The issue I find worth discussing is that for over twenty years, Wilson/Bey has used anarchist arguments to promote pedophilia in his published work. This is no secret in North America, although his anarchist career is not in jeopardy.
hakim bey est un pion du systeme USA , il est la pour vendre obama au ricain , tant mieu personne le connait sorti de des usa .
Par hafrit Hammouda amirouche il y a 6 ans
Un Turc ? "Hakim bey", en Turc la traduction est "Monsieur le Juge"...
Par HerseyTurkiyeIcin il y a 6 ans
(^_^) C'est avec grand plaisir que je le partage avec vous tous ¤

Puisse-t-il vous inspirer et vous redonner force et motivation dans tout ce que vous faites *
Par Syl20 il y a 7 ans
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