Vogue live madonna Blonde Ambition Tour 17 th anniversary


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The Madonna tour easily remembered as her most controversial, started in Japan during the rain season.
While the Who's That Girl tour established Madonna as the leading female artist of the Eighties, the Blond Ambition made her enter stardom in the most complete way, with that mix of adoration and extreme criticism that only true Idols deserve.
Even hardcore Madonna fans show mixed feelings considering the Blond Ambition tour either a pinnacle in her live performance career, or a concentrate of excess and useless eroticims anticipating the Sex book experience that followed two years later. The main reason for controversy came from the way religion and sexuality were mixed in the show that Madonna herself described as a theathrical presentation of her music. Madonna lying on a red velvet bed with two male dancers (Jose and Luis) on her left and right, wearing long conical bras, sings her classic "Like A Virgin" in a Middle Eastern arrangement while she simulates masturbation, is indeed very theatrical and a quite strong image in itself. When the climax arrives, the word "God" is heard and it's suddently time for "Like A Prayer" and spirituality.
Many times it has been said that the Pope himself called for a boycott of the Blond Ambition, but it wasn't exactly like that.
The boycott was an initiave of "Famiglia Domani" even if the Vatican's newspaper "L'osservatore Romano" agreed that the show was a "complete disgrace".

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c'est le live de Madonna que je préfère, THE BLOND AMBITION TOUR
Di cilouascecile 7 anni fa
i love madonna!
Di Mattia 7 anni fa
madonna toujour aussi créative super génial comme toujour
Di stéphanie 7 anni fa
happy birthay madonna THE 16 AUGUSTE AND ME 3 SEPTEMBER!!!vogue i like!!!
Di DORISE 7 anni fa