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    Surviving 2012 and Planet X - Part 4 of 5: Surviving the Fly

    Marshall Masters

    by Marshall Masters

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    kyle crisp
    i dont know about anyone else, but these videos sound like a money grab, scandel, and just a straight up cult scare tactics. they were fun at first but really look at them and listen, and youll realize it doesnt all sound logical.some does but there are flaws.
    By kyle crisp8 years ago
    Marshall Masters
    Well put!
    By Marshall Masters8 years ago
    PLanet x or not, aren't we just fed up with a system that is not working??????? aren't we curious to rediscover all our potentials????? NOW ????
    planet x and all the rest that is connected to the end of cycles in 2012 isn't here to kill us all in the first place, i think it's happening primarily to HELP us realise what the essence of life really is, HERE AND NOW. Time to wake up, and smell the roses being offered.
    By poulettsh8 years ago