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    Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq, James Gandolfini

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    dito, i feel sorry for the kids, everyone lied, good quote from a song 'another liars war' was, 'those who chose to start this war, didn't fight in the last'
    everyone lost except the few at the top, thats how it has always been. only the truth can break this impass, and in this information age, it's everyones responsibility to inform themselves so that tyrants cant commit these crimes in their name. sta.
    By sun-tzu-art8 years ago
    Maxime Miraillet
    Maybe James Gandolfini should consider interviewing Iraki soldiers and civilians whose lives have been destroyed by the invading American tyrants... And such a Hollywoodised trailer... The music makes you sick... No one gave a damn about the live of these soldiers, least of all their commander in chief. All of them have followed, and been used, by the most intellectually-challenged President in history, and his power-mad entourage. Heroes??? I don't think so...
    Stop the hypocrisy.
    By Maxime Miraillet8 years ago