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    NS #135 at East Statesville

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

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    It's good too see conrail still in action :) 5*****'s
    By DouglasP2016 years ago
    Chase Millsap
    It sure is.
    By Chase Millsap8 years ago
    M. Nelson
    I think it's a Nathan. They all come out sounding different...and all the abuse they take adds to the variables in pitch and response. Great Video!...Doc
    By M. Nelson9 years ago
    Nick O'Dell
    That's one of the worst P5's I've ever heard. A couple bells are not sounding.... they should'a left the Leslie RS3L on there, because for one thing, it would have done a better job.
    By Nick O'Dell10 years ago
    Shane Smiley
    Well, if NS did replace The RS3LR that was on it, then thats why they sound different.
    By Shane Smiley10 years ago