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    Demolition vs Strike Force-WWF Tag Team Titles Part 1


    by TSteck160

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    Randy  Ragsdale
    Look at the crowd in New York City standing in anticipation of this match. Oh yeah, the Garden was ready for this main event. TEAR IT UP BOYS!
    By Randy Ragsdale5 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Now what the hell is the referee thinking here letting all four men start off this match in a blaze of glory? Come on ref, do your job and assert yourself.
    By Randy Ragsdale5 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Oh, Rick Martel stop crying. For God sakes the man sounded like he was about to cry when he mentioned how Demolition stole the belts from them.
    By Randy Ragsdale6 years ago