Family Home Entertainment & Fisher Price Logos

Danny J. Palmer

by Danny J. Palmer

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The intermission logo for Family Home Entertainment (the Australian one) and Fisher Price.


i hate to bother you but is there any chance you could upload the entire "someday me" video? i havent seen it since i was a child and it's very hard to find on the internet. thank you so so much!
By lisa7773 7 years ago
Indeed in Australia, Hi-Tops Videos were released by this company, but I'm afraid I don't have those logos personally, and I doubt the local video store in my town would have either. If I come across it in a thrift/Salvos/Red Cross store, I'd probably pick it up. As for your second question...I think they may have been a "presents" slide, but not a "The End" slide. I would've been too young to remember...

I knew what you meant BTW. ;)
By Danny J. Palmer 8 years ago
You also happened to mention that Hi-Tops Videos were also handled by this company... do you have a tape with these two logos? (By that, I mean do you have the Hi-Tops logo coming after FHE)

Also, are there "Presents" and "The End" slides after the FHE logo at the start and end of tapes?
By gshowguy 8 years ago
Yeah, I know. There were two episodes on the tape, and this, naturally, was in between them.
By Danny J. Palmer 8 years ago
What's with the "Intermission" slide? That's a little weird.
By gshowguy 8 years ago
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