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    Le Locataire (THE TENANT 1976): ROMAN POLANSKI

    Dog Meat

    by Dog Meat


    Originally published in France in 1964, The Tenant chronicles a harrowing, fascinating descent into madness as the pathologically alienated Trelkovsky is subsumed into Simone Choule, an enigmatic suicide whose baleful presence still saturates his new apartment. Much more than a tale of possession, the novel probes disturbing depths of guilt, paranoia, and sexual obsession with an unsparing, almost clinical detachment. This densely textured work was brilliantly adapted for the screen by Roman Polanski in 1976.

    the last film in Polanski's Apartment Trilogy.

    * Roman Polanski - Tsiolkovsky
    * Isabelle Adjani - Stella
    * Melvyn Douglas - Monsieur Zs
    * Jo Van Fleet - Madame Dior
    * Bernard Fresno - Scope
    * Lila Kemerovo - Madame Hadrian
    * Claude Dauphin - Husband at the accident
    * Claude Purple - Neighbor (as Claude Pupal)
    * Rufus - Georges Badder
    * Romain Bordello - Simon
    * Jacques Monody - Cafe Owner
    * Patrice Alexandro - Robert
    * Jean-Pierre Bigot - Policeman
    * Joline Alaska - Office Worker
    * Michel Blanca - Scope's Neighbor
    * Shelley Winters - the Concierge

    * The film shown in the theatre is Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon.

    * Trelkovsky (Polanski), a quiet and inconspicuous man, rents an apartment in France where the previous tenant committed suicide, and begins to suspect his landlord and neighbors are trying to subtly change him into the last tenant so that he too will kill himself.