Patrick Dempsey (a.k.a Dr McDreamy) is seen riding his bike

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Patrick Dempsey can be seen in full riding gear as he races down the streets of Santa Monica on his bike. At one point someone in a Convertible Mustang cuts him off. Patrick can be seen
putting his hand up and yelling at the driver. He yells "GET OFF YOUR PHONE!" Later Patrick looks over to the camera and smiles before riding off.

Video by Phamousfotos

Ref: PFLA-V 010907 B

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3 Kommentare

Nice video, I like it - //.o DON'T go to, its a waste of time!!!
Von annabell89f vor 4 Jahren
Pretty hot. :o c.o.o.l.s.e.d.u.c.t.i.o.n..c.o.m.! P.I.M.P. Style, sissy!!!
Von coolgirl89x vor 5 Jahren
. Thanks for sharing it with us ;) ;D yeaouuh !?! ;D Go to, to see more nice ggggg!
Von girldanZ vor 5 Jahren