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    The real end to episode 68 (cut Scene)


    by rouge11

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    A scene cut by 4kids, where Molly dies, Rouge and Shadow have a discussion about Maria and Molly's death.

    Shadow: Leave them it's better

    Molly: but why?

    Shadow: You fixed yourself a certain mission
    You must survive to accomplish it someday

    Molly: I can't...
    No I can't...
    I'm not strong enough...

    Molly: I found you wonderful you can believe me
    It's as if you were the Black Wind
    A person... who'd help me realize all my dreams

    Rouge: Shadow, do you think that Molly...
    looked like her... to your Maria ?

    Shadow: To Maria ?

    Rouge: Yes
    Good if you don't

    Shadow: She did not belong to the past, her
    She continued to look toward the future

    Rouge: Where are you going ?

    Shadow: Give this the doctor

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