the party at the end of the world

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The Party at the end of the Earth…
(…are you going to take this lying down or dancing?)

This animation is partly inspired by the experimental “cutup” work of many artists, writers and
musicians of the last 100 years including Naked Lunch by William Burroughs (1959) – “a
frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork”. It is also partly inspired
by my feeling a lack of understanding current events surrounding the collapse of the world
trade centre and the attack on terror.

The kid sits in his room paranoid and delirious... poised on the brink of insanity, plagued by
paranoid psychosis. But the mask is calling. The time is now.

With the masks magic powers he fliess across the fields of conspiracy chased by the tentacles
of technology.

A rave on a cliff at the end of our world. The event horizon. A cure for sanity.

animation by mat stevens
sfx by roland heap
music by rob jones with help from darren turze

featuring a large sample lifted from shitmats: Dis Dancehall Ting Is Better Than That T.V. Ting Tony: Shitmat -
from the album - Full English Breakfest.


ça me plait :) :o .......
By fluffy199 3 years ago
e: absolute peachy
By 6SexyMouse73 3 years ago
' yeeeahhh hmm bien, Merci pour la video,
By amayjeite 4 years ago
cheers thank you very much!
By matman 5 years ago
Hey! I'm stressed now! Very good work.
By greg1850 5 years ago

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