My Konstantine

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A Mal/Inara shipper vid done to "Konstantine" by Something Corporate. For Eva on her birthday.


The cut up way of the ‘It hurts me thinking…’ part was good.

You picked the PERFECT place to end the video on. I love that scene between them.

You did a BEAUTIFUL job of cutting parts of the song out without it being obvious. If I didn’t know the song too damn well I don’t think I would have noticed at all. I was really impressed with how easily you cut out the ‘rock star’ verse and the ‘blonde’ part.

Five stars. Loved it, Laura. Thank you so much.
By bluemood 7 years ago
Oooh Laura,how I do love this so. You did SUCH an amazing job on this video. I can't even beging to tell you how much I appreciate that you did KONSTANTINE for me. I mean, that is SO awesome..

As is usual you did a great job of keeping POV consistant throughout the video. You picked the perfect clips to establish Mal as the character the video is through the eyes of and you made the song fit him.

I thought you picked the perfect scenes for the chorus. You picked the scenes that have that Mal/Inara warmth underneath all the angst. The ones where you can see how deep their connection with each other goes.

I also liked how you showed them with other people during the ‘Cause we both know what its like to be alone’ part.

The part where he is walking through the kitchen toward the end and it says “I miss you in my living room” and it flashes to her laughing and then him walking was well done.
By bluemood 7 years ago