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    Don Margolis is the founder of TheraVitae. In this video he talks about the creation of TheraVitae and the invaluable help that Dr. Suphachai of Chao Pyha Hospital and Dr. Kit Arom of Bangkok Heart Hospital have had in the success of treating Heart Disease patients with the "No Option" - Option.Based in Bangkok,Thailand TheraVitae has used the Vescell Adult Stem Cell treatment to save the lives of 70% - 80% of the patients they have treated.
    TheraVitae is a multi-national healthcare company focused on using the patient’s own adult stem cells to treat a variety of disorders, especially cardiovascular diseases.
    We collaborate with eminent physicians and scientists who are affiliated with well-known medical and academic institutions.
    We are committed to make the benefits of adult stem cell therapy accessible to all with integrity, safety and compassion.