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    par philippe

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    excellent groupe, on sent la vibe d obituary, dommage que le son soit pas top
    Par daAlmightyIl y a 9 ans

    I'm going straight to hell
    to burn in flames with the devil
    fuck the church and that christian shit
    my tombstone's carved with a six six six
    i don't care about the lies that you preach
    alive to live, not to believe
    in a god that i cannot see

    after death
    after life
    in the grave
    to never wake
    after death
    enter life

    in the grave
    into the dark
    as my flesh turns and rots
    the blood in my veins doth clot

    i'll be smiling as i decompose
    as the rats eat my skin and bone
    no escape when death comes to call
    inside my skull maggots still crawl
    from the coffin your world looks so small
    the reaper awaits us all

    this is the deathklaat

    after death
    enter life
    in the grave
    into the dark
    Par SlashIl y a 9 ans
    Esta cancion es muy poderosa.. muy buena..
    Par SlashIl y a 9 ans
    exelente musique que j'ai decouvert grace a un pote et je l'en remercie car c'est un trop bon groupe
    Par jpnforceIl y a 10 ans
    Par xavierIl y a 10 ans
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