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    East St Louis Toodle Oo - Portena Jazz Band

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    East St Louis Toodle Oo - Portena Jazz Band 1972
    When I got interested in jazz in the early fifties in the Netherlands the world had just switched from 78’s to Lp’s. First the 10” followed by the 12” Lp’s. These became the standard until Cd’s came out in the mid eighties.
    In all these years I collected almost a thousand Lp’s, maybe not a large collection, but I’m still proud of it and my first Lp, a Philips was one of early Ellington tunes. Side 1, track 1 was East St Louis Toodle Oo by Ellington’s Washingtonians recorded on March 22 1927 in New York.
    This disc has always been one of my favourites. Ellington recorded this tune many times in his career.
    Now to hear it by Portena in 1972, some 45 years later makes me feel good. Now in 2007, 35 years further again my friend Tito Martino wrote me:
    “The Sweet Bird of Youth! 35 years are flown and gone, remains the memory and the drive to keep on swinging!”
    Yes Tito, you are a swinging player and I’m glad we met once and played together in New Orleans in 1975. Tito is also a friend of Portena and introduced the band in this set of youtube postings.