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    NS #213 Minutes After #154

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

    And we are ending the day with #213. In the lead, we're going double digits, NS 9595 is the one, FURX in the Fmr. BN Cascades Green Paint, 7626 & (Fmr. CR) 8305 with this Intermodal Show, he actually was stopped at Paw Creek for #212 & #154 and at first Junior had to give him some info on an intoxicated person near the track with local police on seen with it & he also gave him a slow order in Bessemer City.
    Railfans, I'm am doing a trip next week, and good news, it is Rail Related!
    I'll be headed up to Northwest Indiana next week and getting lots of trains in the picture!
    Join me then!
    I'm back with Lane & the gang at the General Store in a couple weeks.
    Join me there!
    I'll try hard to add the symbols because they are kinda hard and long, i'll trust the scanner.
    Until then, You are keeping it tuned, With "Get Out & Railfan Summer"!
    Catch ya Later!