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    High Flight


    by DwightFrye

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    Ray Haas
    Gotta love that poem High Flight! Beautiful use of the poem in this clip.

    Shameless plug: I can recommend a good book if you are interested in the complete fascinating story of High Flight and its author, John Gillespie Magee Jr. (Okay, I wrote it, but it's still a good read according to reviews on!)
    #highflight #touchingthefaceofgod #rayhaas
    By Ray HaasApril
    Jeff Missinne
    Don't apologize, Dwight, this is the authentic version. Most of the online versions elsewhere are of later "revised" editions (including one with William Conrad narrating from an echo chamber); or have been altered by adding extraneous material. But for any 60's-70's kid, this is the one we all remember. (One of our local stations ran this any time of day; not just at sign-off, but whenever they needed a couple minutes' filler. After all, they did get it for free from the Air Force recruiting office....)
    By Jeff MissinneLast year
    I just read a quote by Ronald Reagan (from "God Is In The Tough Stuff") that said, "We will never forget them, or the last time we saw them ... as they prepared for their long journey and waved good-bye and slipped the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God" referencing the Challenger Disaster. As soon as I read those words, the High Flight clip started "playing" in my mind's eye ... the sounds of the narrator's voice, and the beautiful music. I then searched for High Flight and got to see this for the first time since I was a child (some 45 years ago!) This produced a flood of memories ~ thankful to Daily Motion for making this available to internet users.
    By Mamahas6 years ago
    Boy! does that video bring back memories of late night television watching at signoff, I sure love that poem. "Touching the face of God" Sounds Kinda spiritual like.....
    By Conansr6 years ago
    Great Poem and I most certainly remember local television stations used that vid in signing off a night in the 60's. Super deal thanks for sharing it.
    By Billy6 years ago
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