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    Doctor Who - The Timewar part 3

    Steven Pearson

    by Steven Pearson

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    The final battle between the Timelords and the Daleks

    This video is my interpretation of the Timewar of the Doctor Who world, I have scoured the internet to compile a “bible” of facts and happenings within the Show and other media [books, audio, interviews etc.] in regards to the Timewar to use as a guideline or “cannon” if you will to create this production within a canonical context, thankfully there is still so much left unsaid about the Timewar that allowed for a lot of creative freedom, I have worked exclusively on this piece and am quiet happy with its final production, [although with a more high profile effects program ill probably go effects daft later on]Why make it? Simple there are a few Timewar video’s on Youtube and regardless of quality I think it’s safe to say that there is enough people who want to see this story.

    So enjoy folks.