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    Showcase of my Digital Artwork (better quality, I hope)

    Vera Narishkin

    par Vera Narishkin

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    Hi Vera. I really liked this presentation of your work. 04,26,35,1:08,1:40,1:56,2:03,2:27,2:51,3:00,3:16(great!)really stood out for me.
    Par greg1850Il y a 7 ans
    Vera Narishkin
    Well, the quality of the image is slightly better, but the Dailymotion processing of the mpg file distorts the proportions vertically. It does that each time. :(
    Par Vera NarishkinIl y a 9 ans
    Vera Narishkin
    The image quality is better, but Dailymotion's encoding has for some reason distorted the proportions vertically - it seems to always do so with .mpg files. :(
    Par Vera NarishkinIl y a 9 ans