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    Cuteness Alert - Puppy howl


    door hb

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    Sinclaire Sole
    Awwwww this is too much. Why he is howling? My dog used to be this cute (well, that's long ago)I found this, too cute to resist! wanna share :) >>>
    Door Sinclaire Sole3 jaren geleden
    Sympa :)) .. ,,,.....
    Door garatri5 jaren geleden
    Jennifer Terry
    Yes. That is the cutest puppy on the planet. Now knock it off - you're hurting his ears!!!
    Door Jennifer Terry5 jaren geleden
    that is too cute! thanks for making me laugh.
    Door DHIFAOUI8 jaren geleden
    Sooooo cute :)
    Door Frostyxx8 jaren geleden