Randy Calls Out Fedor


by EvilMaster

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Fedor is the best and Randy would not stand a chance.
By Raymond7 years ago
And do you think Fedor has no game plan? Come on is the smartest one. Even Nogueira is better than Couture.

And Fedor is better in every sector of the fight.

Even Couture rocognize it... Fedor is the best.
By ensayofr8 years ago
Redrocca needs to obviously learn more about the sport before commenting. Because your addition to the conversation proves you to be an idiot. By the way, Barnett already beat Couture. But it was an earlier time and until he flipped Randy and won by stoppage, he spent 8 minutes on his back getting pounded on. Other than Fedor, the other guys on your list have glaring weaknesses in their game, which I'm sure he would exploit.
By sanddune508 years ago
yo guys, your pobably right that couture isint as strong or faster then fedor, but thing is, thats not how randy won his fights. he won by strategy. Couture has a way of having an awsome game plan and sticking to it immensly.

I would love to see this fight happen, big fan of both fighters.
By Nick_Lynch8 years ago
une clé de bras pour couture. vous verrez.
By cychou8 years ago
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