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    Cham - Conscience


    par jahsensie

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    Rich Mundo
    Me Conned Science, Cause Me Conscience had me Blind, Had to Blood In my Red Eye, KNow its Blood That me neva let out, Comprende, We carry Saws like Curacao, and kept many jobs like Jamaicans, But me know Seminole, GATOR, ask the Skinny Twists, not the fat dreds, me worse than Judge Dred, thats sylvester stallone, Im not even thinking about homos, Im thinking about Cruise Control Auto Pilot Money, Thats the Car that take off from the ground and fly, Dummy Money, Charting trips to come see me, BUt its a fee, that u might not can see, So Picture Me Rolling, Thats why we dont Do Bruce Lee, Me not Hollywood, me deep in the caves, getting excellent Grades, Born in a Grave, SO know we Stay ground Like Earthworms to King CObras, Yall Catepillars to Butterflies, so stay fly, KNow my eye be red, My hair be no dred, So violated me, now Im at ya head,
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    big tune massive c reel tuerie
    Par madadandemIl y a 7 ans