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Astronomical video showing the Sunset Ridge panorama taken by the Mars Rover Spirit's panoramic camera during its climb to the top of the "Husband Hill". The presentation was recorded with the use of virtual reality astronomy software "VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D" powered by the VRPresents technology, and released by Sciterian Technologies. Great astronomical video for astronomy, science and space exploration enthusiasts. Learn more on VRPresents at www.vrpresents.com and get demos at www.vrmars.com/VRMars-Spirit-The-Red-Planet-Mars-3D.htm or www.vrmars.com and enjoy roving on the surface of Mars, amazing Martian views and rocks. Credits: NASA/JPL/Cornell/MSSS/OSU/New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science/USGS/Honeybee Robotics - More information at www.sciterian.com and in the software.

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`looll super bonne videos ;)
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